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Digital Identity Verification

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UID is the first Identity verification platform in Iran which uses powerful Artificial intelligence algorithms including liveness detection and face verification in order to authenticate the users’ ID. Currently, UID has more than 10,000 daily successful authentications.

According to the increasing requirement of businesses to improve their user experience, while enhancing security in the digital environment, UID has provided a digital authentication Application Programming Interface) API( for businesses as a new service.


How Does UID Verification API Work

Using Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms, UID has provided businesses with a digital authentication API solution. With this API, businesses will be able to identify and verify the users’ identities in less than 1 minute and eliminate the time consuming requirement of user presence. The UID API authentication process consists of the two following steps:

Liveness Detection

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In liveness detection level, the user should record a 5-second selfie video. UID uses liveness detection algorithm in order to detect the liveness of the user and prevent the users from any kind of ID spoofing and taking the selfie video from another person’s video or image. The UID liveness detection algorithm accuracy is more than 96%.

Face Verification

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This step begins only if the user’s liveness is confirmed in the previous step. At this stage, a random frame would be captured from the user’s selfie video. This photo, then will be compared to the photo of the user’s national ID card. If these two images were matched, the user authentication process is completed and his identity would be verified.

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What Are The Unique Features of UID Digital Verification Service

The liveness detection algorithm accuracy is more than 96%

The face verification algorithm accuracy is more than 99.9%

Fast and easy implementation

24/7 support

User experience improvement by a seamless authentication process

Security improvement through applying accurate algorithms

Scalability of businesses through requirement of much less resources

Elimination of the fraud costs and the requirement of physical infrastructure and human operators

API احراز هویت

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